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Posted on 07-14-2017

What Causes Ear Infections in Dogs and Cats? From Our Veterinarian in Houston, TX

At Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital, we see pets with all types of ailments and injuries. It’s not uncommon for pet owners to be unaware of what’s happening with their pet simply because they don’t know what signs or symptoms to monitor for. This is somewhat common with ear infections with dogs and cats. When you visit your veterinarian in Houston, we’ll provide a full examination to pinpoint concerns for treatment. You may be able to prevent some ailments, by understanding the causes.

Basset Hound playing with a stick after getting his ears cleaned in Houston, TX.

Causes of Ear Infections

It’s important to see your veterinary team as soon as you determine your pet has any type of ear infection. Early care is essential to protecting your pet’s health. Common causes of ear infections in dogs and cats include:

  • Ear mites, a parasitic infection of the ears
  • Foreign body exposure – a material enters into the ear causing inflammation
  • Bacteria and yeast development
  • Contaminated water that enters the ear and remains there, including lake water
  • Allergies that cause inflammation

When the ear is exposed to bacteria, yeast, or other organisms, a condition called otitis occurs. Here, too many bacteria or organisms exist for the body to naturally control it. When otitis occurs in the outer ear, it is often due to foreign bodies, ear mites, lake water, or bacteria build up. However, if it is not treated soon, it will cause the bacteria to move into the inner portion of the ear. Infection can travel from the outer ear into the eardrum, causing not only pain and inflammation but potential risk to the pet’s hearing.

Visit an Animal Hospital for Care

If your pet has red ears, inflammation, scabbing, small, dark dots, or seems to be in pain, don’t delay in bringing your pet in for a consultation and exam. Our veterinary animal hospital will provide an examination and offer the best treatment options available to your pet. It is possible to treat most ear infections especially early on.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Veterinarians near Houston

Make an appointment with our vets in Houston to ensure your pet’s ear health is good. We are one of only a few animal hospitals and offices serving the areas of Tomball, Cypress, Texas, the Woodlands, and King Wood, Texas. Contact Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital now for an appointment at 281-440-4441.

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