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Microchipping Your Pet in Houston, TX

Keeping your pet safe or healthy may require pet owners to discuss microchipping with a veterinarian near Houston. Vets near Houston offer microchipping services to help pet owners keep their pets healthy and safe. At Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital, we offer microchipping services to pet owners.

Puppy in Houston roaming the area.

What is a Pet Microchip from Our Veterinarian in Houston?

A pet microchip in Houston refers to an identification solution that helps your pet stay safe and healthy. If your pet is injured in an accident or needs treatment due to a sickness, then the microchip registry helps a veterinarian with appropriate treatment by identifying your pet and some basic health information. Pet owners register microchip in their pets when getting the chip put into a pet's body.

Benefits of a Dog or Cat Microchip

The advantages of a dog or cat microchip depend on the needs of the family. The primary advantage is the identification of your pet in an emergency. Unlike traditional tags, a microchip stays under a pet's skin. An animal hospital near Houston can look up a pet's registration information to identify the owner and ensure that any previous medical records are pulled up accurately.

It provides a greater level of safety when pet owners decide to microchip dog. Pet microchip lookup allows a veterinary hospital to avoid complications if a pet gets out of the house and picked up by officials or needs immediate medical care in an emergency situation. Since a veterinarian near Houston can pull up accurate records in an emergency situation, he or she does not waste time before offering treatment and care.

While information is a key advantage of the microchip in your dog or cat, it is also a minimally invasive option. It will not hurt your pet because it is similar to a shot. The chip is small and does not require an anesthetic.

When to Talk to Our Local Houston Veterinarian

You want to talk to a Houston veterinarian about microchipping when you have concerns about the safety of your pet. It is particularly useful if your dog or cat gets out of the house and roams the area. You can register microchip information through the microchip registry and feel confident that your pet will not end up lost or without a way to return home if he or she roams away from your home.

While the primary reasons relate to identification of your pet, you also want to consider the procedure if you have a concern about a pet's safety in a medical setting. By using the chip, vets near Houston have access to their identification information and can accurately obtain records for optimal health and treatment in emergency situations.

Contact Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital for More Information Today!

Your pet's safety is a key concern when you want to obtain a microchip for your pet. Depending on your concerns, the chip may offer peace of mind and limit the risk of a pet getting lost. To learn more about microchipping a pet, contact us at (281) 440-4441 today.