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Pet Dentistry Procedures from Your Houston Texas Animal Hospital

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Dogs, cats, and other companion animals need dental care just as much as we do. At Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital, we understand how important oral health and dental hygiene are to your pet's well-being. Proper pet dentistry will minimize their health risks and maximize their quality of life, and we are proud to provide the following Houston pet dentistry services at our state-of-the-art hospital:

Pet Dental Cleanings

You can improve your pet's oral health by brushing at home and encouraging healthy forms of play, but professional cleanings are still a good idea. We recommend regular pet dental cleanings for all our patients, because they allow us to prevent gum disease and detect any damage or illness early. At each veterinary dental cleaning, we use local or general anesthesia to keep your pet comfortable as we scrape away accumulated plaque and clean beneath the gum line.

Pet Dental Exams

We also perform comprehensive oral examinations at every wellness checkup, to make sure we catch problems early and monitor your pet's progress throughout their lifetime. Your pet may have alignment problems that affect his or her bite, signs of tooth decay, fractures or chips that can be treated before causing further damage, abscesses that point to an oral infection, or other common pet dental problems. Our goal is to prevent complications and treat your pet's teeth with the care they deserve.

Pet Dental X-Rays

X-rays play an important role in our preventative and diagnostic dental care. We use sensitive imaging equipment to view a digital of your pet's teeth and jaw bones, allowing us to detect sources of pain, discomfort, and infection that we may not see otherwise. All Houston pet dental care should start with a physical examination to ensure your pet is ready for the procedure.

Dental Surgery at Our Houston Veterinary Hospital

Your pet may suffer from an illness, injury, or developmental problem that is impossible to repair without surgery. We may also recommend a non-invasive procedure that requires anesthesia or a sedative. When we perform dental surgery at our Houston veterinary hospital, we make sure their vital signs are closely monitored. We also perform a comprehensive physical examination beforehand, to minimize their health risks and make sure surgery is right for them.

Contact us at (281) 440-4441 to schedule your pet's next dental exam at Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital. Your Houston veterinarian will explain more about proper pet dental care at home, including rawhide treats, dog and cat toothpaste, and nutritional requirements that will keep your pet's oral health ahead of the game.