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Spay & Neuter Surgery in Houston, TX

Keeping a pet healthy and active throughout their life requires the right treatments and health solutions. Houston Texas spay & neuter services provide the opportunity to reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer in pets and limit behavioral concerns related to pet breeding. Your Houston vet at the Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital provides the assistance you need for a healthy pet.

spay & neuter your pet in Houston, TX

Why Consider Houston Texas Spay & Neuter Surgery?

The reasons you want to consider Houston Texas spay & neuter surgery depend on your pet and your goals. Generally, spaying or neutering a pet reduces the risk of accidental breeding and the complications of finding homes for kittens or puppies. A female pet will not go into heat, which reduces the behavioral concerns related to a heat cycle. Male pets will not attempt to leave the house or yard to pursue a female in heat. Furthermore, the male pets have a lower risk of marking territory or engaging in aggressive behaviors after a surgery early in a pet's life.

Beyond the behavioral benefits, spaying or neutering a pet reduces the risk of certain health concerns. In particular, it reduces the risk of certain forms of cancer. Female pets will not get pregnant, which lowers the risks associated with pregnancy and giving birth to puppies or kittens.

Risks of the Surgery

When you visit a Houston animal hospital for spaying or neutering a pet, you have risks to consider with the procedure. As a surgical procedure, it is possible a pet may show signs of allergies during the procedure. Professionals in our clinic recognize the risk of allergic reactions and have measures available to keep your pet safe when the situation occurs.

Along with the risk of allergic reactions, a pet may also develop an infection after the surgery. Pet owners will have instructions for a pet's care and health, as well as potential problems, when bringing a pet home. If we have concerns about a pet's health, then we may also recommend keeping a pet at the Houston animal hospital for observation.

When to Talk to a Houston Vet

In most cases, spaying or neutering a pet is a safe procedure that increases the life span of a pet and lowers the risk of certain health concerns. A Houston vet may recommend the surgical procedure in cats at roughly eight weeks old. A puppy may go through the procedure at eight weeks as long as the puppy is healthy; however, we may suggest waiting until a dog reaches six months in certain situations. Talk to a vet at our clinic when you have concerns about a pet's behavior, health or the appropriate timing for the surgical procedure in your pet's specific situation.

Come Visit Your Local Houston Vet Today!

 At the Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital, we recommend spaying or neutering surgery for your pets. To learn more about the surgical procedure, contact us at 281-440-4441 today.